"There is no need to wait countless years for your soulmate to find you. Learn the truth about finding your soulmate that you won't find in any relationship book, counseling session or DVD. You have the power to draw this person into your life, no matter your age, size, race, or situation."

Introducing…The First Ever Scientific, Results Oriented, Step-by-Step Process, to Discover, Locate & Finally Identify the unique Perfect SoulMate for YOU!

After years of thinking there was no one for me, with Scot’s help I found my soulmate and my one true love!                                                                                                

Patricia S., Gainesville, TX


Scot helped me to find my perfect match from an emotional, intellectual, and physical standpoint. My soulmate is my partner in business and pleasure, as well as being my wife. She is EXACTLY what I needed in the woman of my dreams.”                                    

Jay F., Los Angeles, CA


"I found Scot's help at a tumultuous and dark time in my life as a single mom, post divorce. Whether you are seeking to improve or advance your personal or professional goals and achievements, you will find Scot has the reputation for delivering results and boy – does he ever! Scot meets you where you are in your own "personal" place. He is encouraging, empathetic, diligent, and persistent in holding you accountable and taking you from where you are....to where you want to be.”  

Darci M., Atlanta, GA


"I had given up on ever finding my soulmate. My dating life was a wreck and I was on an emotional roller coaster. Scot’s process helped me to not only find my soulmate, but helped me to find the real me I always wanted to be."

Ashley T., New York NY


PsmileemailSMMy personal story of finding my soulmate was featured in the beginning and the end of the best-selling book, ‘SoulMate Secrets’ by Ariel Ford. My problem was not finding a proposal, mine was finding a guy that best suited me and would really love me for all that I am – the complete me. And for a while I actually gave up, but now I am happily married.  I have to say that Scot’s insights are dead-on accurate.  Spend just 10 minutes talking to him (really listening to him) and you will see that his knowledge & wisdom are off the charts.  You will feel the truth in your heart as he takes you through his process.  He really makes you think, and see yourself in a whole new way.  You are in for a real treat.                 

Stefanie Hartman, Canada CEO of S.H.E inc Marketing & Publishing

You’ve spent your whole life searching for a SoulMate for so long, and up until now, you’ve been unsuccessful. Maybe you feel like you’re running out of time, true love’s not for you, fairy tales can’t come true, Prince Charming doesn’t exist or you’re settling for bad relationships to avoid loneliness.

It’s time to stop the madness. You CAN have everything you’ve ever dreamed of in a relationship AND in life. I will give you the tools to draw all of your desires into your life.


Look…I’m really not here to sell you a bunch of “airy-fairy” relationship CDs.  It’s important that my friends, family and YOU are able to attain what you truly want, have a good life, and know what it feels like to not only get what you want, but enjoy a life of love and support that you deserve.  To find someone that fits you like a glove.

My #1 Purpose is to analyze the past, evaluate your present, and show you your future. I can produce your plan to create the life you truly want and desire.

My Mission is truly to stop people from settling for the life that they think can have and help them develop a plan, to obtain the life they truly want, in America and across the globe.

Here’s the truth about finding your soul mate that you won’t find in any relationship book, or DVD:

If you are not getting what you want out of your life, it’s because you’re not approaching the problem from a “whole self” perspective.

You must have all of the following areas, physiology, your thoughts, emotions AND your behaviors (past, present and future), involved in this process. Scot’s process is scientific and unlike any other on the market and incorporates all of these elements.

There are VERY specific things that you must do with your mind, body, thoughts and behaviors before the love of your life will enter the picture.

Have you ever asked yourself:

    • Is there such a thing as a soul mate?
    • Is there really one special person waiting out there for me?
    • What if I’m no longer young and still haven’t found the soul mate I’ve searched for all of these years? Is it my destiny to end up alone?
    • I’ve read all of the books about finding the “right” person for me and I’ve never had any success with that, what am I doing wrong?

Scot Ferrell, family man and “America’s Behavior Expert,” has spent countless years working with couples and families, helping them change their thoughts behaviors, actions, and feelings, to produce the results that they wanted - happier, more fulfilling relationships!

Not only has Scot been a relationship & family counselor for years in his practice, but because of his unique scientific background, he is the ONLY relationship and true love coach that brings a unique scientific, results-oriented process to determine, locate and identify your perfect mate. He has used this process with his previous clients in helping them achieve the lives they wanted, and now brings this process to those who are searching for the love and SoulMate of their lives.

The Truth is…your SoulMate IS out there. But they can pass you by or you simply may not connect unless you know the process of how to draw them into your life!

Scot’s been working with people helping them to get the jobs, the dreams, the relationships and the achievements they want with an extremely high degree of success. Now, he’s working with people who are looking for the person who will be their SoulMate. For the first time ever, Ferrell now “goes public” and teaches a specific, focused plan to people to help singles identify the components they need in a Soulmate, how to draw that person into their life and how to use the process to achieve all of the other goals and dreams they want to accomplish with that SoulMate. More about Scot here

Every person on the planet who wants to have the love of their life, a true-life partner and a fulfilling and happy relationship with the right person, needs to attend Scot’s program. Because he has had so many people request his help in this area, he is going to offer “Seeking Soul Mates,” a webinar series in December, just in time for you to begin to get the special present (the love of your life) you want this holiday.

Seeking SoulMates prepares you for love by becoming who you’re meant to be. Your life expands when you put the missing pieces and the connection to the love you’ve always searched for, into your life.

You may ask “Why should I try your program? I’ve already read all of the books, been to all of the dating sites and attended all of the seminars? What’s different about your process?”


Well, no other program uses 2 key elements that dramatically increase your success rate:

  • Brain Science combined with Lifestyle
  • YOU – that’s right we delve deep into a “whole self” perspective of you.

In Seeking SoulMates,
What are you looking for? What are you REALLY looking for?  I’ve developed a process to identify what you want, even if you have a hard time trying to  express it.  You’ll never get your SoulMate if you don’t identify what it is you want out of your life. Learn how the two are inseparable and why it is so important to be able to identify what you want out of life.  You’ll be introduced to a whole new way of viewing your life purpose and how it relates to finding your SoulMate. This step-by-step process covers issues that counselors, therapists and relationship books and DVDs NEVER cover.

Brain Science & Lifestyle – Learn from my own team of medical experts about how to get yourself ready to attract and keep your SoulMate and how physiology affects your ability to do this. I interview the medical experts to reveal how to keep your hormones intact and how brain science can boost your success rate of finding your SoulMate. My medical team and I will reveal the myths and fallacies people incorrectly believe about balancing diet & lifestyle.   Learn why is it impossible to have a healthy relationship with an unhealthy body. If your body and brain are functioning at the correct levels, then Brain Science will dictate your lifestyle and what you achieve. Did you know that women initiate 66% of all divorces? The incidence for divorce rises dramatically for women who have gone through menopause. Learn why this is so. Make more money, have more energy, attract more people & positive things in your life. If you apply the knowledge you learn from my medical team, at the end of 30 days you will function differently, guaranteed. Cut out energy suckers, negative influences, and fix your bio-chemistry.

The Attraction Connection
How what you think affects your attractiveness to the opposite sex. Learn the scientific laws of physics and science and how they help you to attract your SoulMate.

Difference in the Sexes
How Men & Women Use Their Brains Differently and How It Affects Relationships. Auditory & Visual Differences.  How to eliminate 99% of conflicts and arguments (before they even begin) in relationships by understanding how men & women are different. Why can’t you get what you want from the other sex? How you can get exactly what you want & need. Learn about Men’s REAL expectations of women! Forget what you thought, appearance isn’t as important to men as women how been taught to believe. Men can learn how they treat women makes them actually makes them sexy.  Scot teaches men to validate women’s feelings. How men need to listen – how SHOULD men listen.

Walk out with a Partner Plan  Connecting the senses.  Specific questions to provide Partner Profiling to identify your specific SoulMate - find out what you really need and want in a mate through scientifically prepared questions and walk away with an ideal partner profile. Create a “Partner Board” & steps to make it happen. Be able to identify a potential ideal mate in minutes.

Learn the Law of Vacuum …Making room for your SoulMate in your life.  Use this law to bring your SoulMate into your life!

How the Past dictates your future (unless you identify & change it). Partnership Traits you have inherited from your past. Understand your past triggers & re-Design your future. Stop sabotaging your life with self-defeating behaviors.

Answers to your questions…

I live in a city where women outnumber men 35 to 1. How would it ever be possible to compete with all of those women for find my soul mate?

The ratio is unimportant. What is important is the way you think and feel about your chances to find your SoulMate. This will determine your success or failure in drawing your SoulMate to you. I can teach you how to govern these thought processes.

In Seeking SoulMates, I explain the physical laws of the universe in easy to understand language, so that anyone can use them on a second-by-second basis in their lives to obtain not just their dreams, but their one ultimate dream—their SoulMate.

One of the physical laws of the universe revolves around human thought. Thought is the most powerful force in the universe. However, very few people actually know how to train and utilize their thoughts to bring them the life and love they so deeply desire. Many people know about the “law of attraction” but have no practical knowledge of how to implement it into their daily lives on a practical and consistent basis. People always ask me, “How can I control my thoughts to help me realize my dreams?” My most successful and happiest clients are the ones who have mastered this technique using my tips and strategies.

Many of these physical laws are explained in theoretical books, but the books  are difficult to read, follow or translate into practical strategies for us “regular folks”. I take these complex laws, break them down, and train you on how to apply these laws to your “every-day life.” These laws, such as the laws involving “thought processes”,  are the hidden and secret processes that people have used for thousands of years to bring them love, wealth, knowledge and status…..and the “general public” doesn’t know about them, understand them and certainly don’t know how to apply them on a daily basis!

In this day and age of “modern medicine”, people are shockingly uninformed about how brain chemistry affects their relationships and the “Attraction Connection.” Hormones sometimes play a huge role in our less-than-stellar relationship choices, but again, no one is discussing how this affects our search for our SoulMate. In my process, I explain how physiological issues can prevent you from making the correct behavioral choices that lead to healthy, positive relationships. Nutrition and exercise are another critical component to the brain science that helps us draw a SoulMate into our lives. You’ll learn a whole new way to eat and exercise with a totally new outlook and motivation that you may not have known before!

Once you complete my course, you will be armed with a new knowledge of all the laws of the universe, physiology factors and how you can use them on a daily basis to make your dreams come true.

I’ve done all of the dating sites and taken all of the “personality tests”, yet I’ve never been able to find theright person for me, what is different about your information?

I use a scientific process that will work regardless of circumstances, age, race, or physical appearance. The determining factor in finding your SoulMate is YOU, not another person! In my webinar, I’ll show you how to be an “attraction magnet” for everything you want in life by showing you how to change your physiology, behaviors and your thought processes. I guarantee you if you use my process, your life will start to change immediately!

“Scot helped me identify what I REALLY HONESTLY wanted in every area of my life and THEN helped me to pursue it. I didn’t realize how this one thing ruled all of the outcomes of my life. No wonder I wasn’t get what I wanted – I didn’t even clearly know”.    

David A., Des Moine, IA


“I limited my own choices in dating because of how I felt about my physical appearance. Scot helped show me that my physical appearance wasn’t the problem….it was the way I thought about my own appearance that was causing the problems in the dating choices I made. Who knew?”

Karen H., Jersey City, NJ


“Through Scot’s process, I learned that nutrition affected how I thought, behaved, and reacted to everything in my life. He showed me how proper nutrition could improve my energy levels and EVERY relationship in my life. I never realized that healthy eating could lead to love!

Cathy L., Morgan City, WV

Seeking SoulMates Program Summary:

Week One – What Do You Want?
Discover what you absolutely want in every area of your life and understand why it is a THE BIGGEST determining factor in finding your SoulMate.

Week Two – Eat, Drink and Get Married!
How proper nutrition and exercise are one of the cornerstones of drawing your SoulMate to you. Learn why proper hydration, nutrition, and exercising regularly are key factors of successful relationships.

Week Three – Hormones…The Hidden Key to Relationships
Why hormones are one of the most important success factors in every single relationship you have in your life and the power they hold over your behavioral choices. Learn how controlling your hormones can give you the control over your life!

Week Four – Select Your Thoughts, Secure Your SoulMate!
Your thoughts control every aspect of your life. You will attract into your life everything you think and feel. Learn how to use your subconscious mind to draw all the things you desire into your life.

Tired of the singles girl club?  Bring a friend – start a group – learn, discover, transform yourself and find true love together through this fun, fast-paced yet life-changing process!  Snare that perfect match for you AND save big when you enter as a group: click here.

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